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Our Purpose

Our purpose at the Law Offices of Antoinette Middleton is to eliminate the need for Probate of an Estate and other Probate Court proceedings when a family member becomes disabled, incapacitated or dies.  The elimination can be accomplished by educating families on the benefits of having a Living Trust, Pour Over Will, Advanced Health Care Directive and Durable Power of Attorney for Finances.  Probating an Estate can take upwards of eighteen months to settle and can be very costly.  Moreover, during Probate proceedings, families face the possibility of creditor claims out of nowhere, scams, family drama, and Medi-Cal Estate recovery, to name a few traps and surprises.

At the Law Offices of Antoinette Middleton, we know you’ve worked hard to achieve a good life for your family and to leave a legacy. However, in these uncertain times, situations or events can occur to make life a lot more complicated and leaving a legacy less certain.

We understand the complexities of estate planning, and we utilize several strategies to protect your assets and peace of mind.

Let us provide that protection by designing a customized solution for your estate planning needs.

Life is complicated enough, protecting your family and leaving a legacy shouldn’t be!


Our Firm

The Law Offices of Antoinette Middleton was founded in 2001, by our principal Attorney Antoinette Middleton with the goal of providing quality estate planning and family law services to San Diego families. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers. We eliminate fear and assist our clients in managing stressful situations. Our passion is servicing people who are very concerned about losing their lifetime of assets to nursing home care or medical expenses, lawsuits, government such as excess taxes, family dysfunction or other predatory circumstances. We often help families find ways to care for elderly parents or spouses at home by utilizing Medi-Cal, veterans or other government benefits. Our clients express that they are appreciative to us for showing them options they didn’t even know existed.

It is very rewarding for our team members to receive hugs and greeting cards from our clients, and their extended family members and friends. Often clients tell us they can finally sleep at night and the worry is gone because they are able to stay in control of their assets, and they are confident that in the event of incapacity or upon death, what they want will be honored, and not what the government or predators want.


Client Services & Drafting Department

The Client Services department is responsible for making sure the client is maintained at the highest level, ensuring that all client needs and questions are responded to in a timely manner. Client Services is also responsible for reporting client cancellations, rescheduling, compliments and/or concerns.

The role of the Drafting Department is to create, manage and store all word processing for the firm, including firm correspondence, firm dictation by Attorneys or team members, trust drafting, wills, health care directives, powers of Attorneys, deeds, petitions and other word processing to third parties such as clients and/or courts, etc. The DS is also responsible for the creation, finalization and maintenance of all firm forms and the entry of notes from client meetings into the firm database.

Drafts all Estate planning documents, to include deeds, trusts, wills, powers of attorney and health care directives under the direction and supervision of the attorney.

Probate & Trust Administration Department

The Probate & Trust Administration Department is responsible for making sure the client is maintained at the highest level, ensuring that all client needs and questions are responded to in a timely manner. The PATAC oversees all matters relating to probate or trust administration from the initial intake to final case closure, and reports directly to the Attorney. Handles all Probate and Trust Administration matters, including client telephone calls, emails and follow-up meetings. Oversees petition drafting and correspondence to clients, governmental agencies (County, State and Federal) and financial and tax advisors. Proposes/discusses taxes, prepares petitions, affidavits of death and other county forms, inventory assets and waivers, and tracks these matters throughout the process.
Prepares all Probate and Trust Administration accountings for the respective matters. Files court petitions and documents via mail or in person, and records and or mails San Diego County Assessor Documents.